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bullet LW! j0ker
18 Nov : 09:51
hey Swede, yeap i'm back..wehere are you?:)
bullet bobandy
18 Nov : 07:49
Hi. i wanna play coduo on your server but i have problem with awaiting cd key autorisation. i don't have problems with this on other cracked servers so does anyone knows what might be a problem i can't connect and how can i fix it? thanks for your help!
bullet TigerSoldier
18 Nov : 05:39
Hello guys....i have problem with me dieng in the game and laging. i havent had that problem before...dont help with restart or anything. can u plz help me? laith_hr©
bullet LW!TwistedSwede
16 Nov : 05:09
Joker´s back!? I tried to play some the other day, bu i dont remember my PW for that comp! HAHAHAHA!
bullet LW!LolZer
31 Oct : 06:00
Happy Halloween

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