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bullet LW!Demon Slayer *Fr*
22 Sep : 04:35
Morning Rocky
bullet LW!SgtRock
22 Sep : 04:12
Morning CAmpers
bullet LW!Demon Slayer *Fr*
22 Sep : 02:30
LW! has a "Zero Tolerance" towards cheaters,insult, hackers & glichers. With that in mind, by enlisting with LW! you are undertaking a commitment & assurance that you do not have any bans against you, pending or otherwise & will play without the aid of any of the above!!! To be caught doing so will be an instant perma ban from LW! & associated game servers.

respect this rule and all will be cool

bullet LW!Demon Slayer *Fr*
22 Sep : 02:26
Hello Hope

i agree...this is very annoying when player insult but CREATE TOPIC for that stop use chatbox

bullet LW!Hope
21 Sep : 06:50
DiEGO you talking serious,and i am say you stop to talking and insult me,i am play cod uo 12 years and for insult players have reason be bann...

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