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bullet LW!DemonSlayer *Fr*
19 Aug : 04:18
Hello Foley
bullet LW!cpt.Foley
18 Aug : 18:24
Hi all :)
bullet LW!TwistedSwede
15 Aug : 04:27
Note to myself...
Never play when feeling sick or/and tired. I Sucked yesterday! Yes, more then ever! ;)
But great rotation and it works fine for me now!
bullet LW!TwistedSwede
14 Aug : 08:26
Going to try play some tonight. Still some stiffness in my neck tho. But will be gone all week due to sales Conference. So no songs in TS for a couple of Days! Have fun! ;)
bullet Shady
13 Aug : 07:25
Like the new maps, yet I think some need adjusting to prevent spawnkilling.

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Will try it when i come home....Ty bud.
17 Aug : 02:16