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bullet LW!Hans*
16 Dec : 19:51
It may just mean your isp is having issues with our network. it should be temporary. We're not having too many client side issues right now, but I hope this will correct itself for you. if not, we can try something else. Maybe join teamspeak so we can help you., :)
bullet predator
16 Dec : 08:46
ahoi.1 qestion...yesterday i play normal game on i have huge its the problem?.on the another server dont have lag
bullet LW!Hope
15 Dec : 05:50
Hi xplod!

I told you what to do,you'll see in a private message!
bullet xplod
14 Dec : 13:08
how can i join the lw clan ?
bullet xplod
14 Dec : 13:07
hey all

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