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bullet GeorgeW.Brush
14 Nov : 04:37
Germany is a big fan of Sweden and will always be your friend;-)
bullet LW!TwistedSwede
14 Nov : 04:35
Hahahaha George! THX! Summer of 2018 will be great! 2017 we won against 3 former World Champs: France, Holland and Italy! I start to Dream about the summer of 1994 again!? :P
bullet GeorgeW.Brush
13 Nov : 23:53
And, dear Swede, I finally found my new profession: A professional furtune-teller!;-)
Congratulations Sweden! Chapeau! Italy became spagetthi bolognese!:-))
bullet LW!LolZer
13 Nov : 14:38
bullet LW!TwistedSwede
13 Nov : 13:11
Just Heard that Italy called FIFA up, to say we played to hard. OMG! Babys on field! ;)
But, i Think Italy will crush us tonight. :(

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