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HELP! 2 sounds files are missing or in a bad format
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Sun Aug 13 2017, 09:59am
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Joined: Wed Oct 21 2015, 05:37am
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Yesterday everything was still running. Today I get at the start the error message that 2 sound files are missing or in a bad format.
I installed Cod classic and uo two times new but nothing. Still the same issue.

Can someone help me please?

Image of the error message:
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Sun Aug 13 2017, 10:18am
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Joined: Sat Sep 06 2014, 09:01pm
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Did you remove the miles folder? that is a required folder for the game to run.

Some people mistakenly remove needed folders thinking there are mod related folders.
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LW!DemonSlayer *Fr*
Sun Aug 13 2017, 04:22pm
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Joined: Tue Jul 04 2017, 02:56am
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Hello natterii i'm modder i'll can helping you...

your games have this pictures when you open him?

if not , delet all mods except "main,Docs,uo,uodocs,miles,uninstall,LW MODS65" and If it persists delet all folder in main except

and open uo folder and delet all except

I from french so i've localized_french_pakuo

if persists send me private message please!

PS:and no Omega miles don't It's like OpenGL except that it's for the outgoing sound of the a problem with file in CoDUO but thanks for help

LW!Demon Slayer *Fr*

[ Edited Sun Aug 13 2017, 04:30pm ]
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LW!DemonSlayer *Fr*
Sun Aug 13 2017, 04:34pm
Registered Member #734
Joined: Tue Jul 04 2017, 02:56am
Posts: 15!oGpT3IpA!2LyHewFoaPG5pEGtEPG5_GtvCkrsDxpZU_a1UmfYZNY

link for download good sound normally. (put file in uo folder)
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